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Travis Patten, b. 1986

Based in Fort Worth, Texas

Travis Patten has been working with video as an editor and filmmaker for over twenty years. From the days of VHS tape-deck fader boards to modern editing software suites, he strives to bring a unique, personalized view of the world through story and character-focused fables. Utilizing low-budget, guerrilla filmmaking techniques and a low number of crew members, he’s been able to produce a high number of short films and editing projects in just a few short years.

Beginning in the late 1990s with a camcorder and a collection of “making of” film documentaries recorded off of TV, young Patten and his friends experimented with a number of short films, culminating with his high school produced feature film The Congregation in 2004. Travis would make two more features in 2005 and 2006 before eventually focusing on his undergrad degree, various jobs, and freelance videography.

Since joining the UTA Cinematic Arts program in 2018, Travis has produced nine short films and one feature film. A number of them have received acclaim and awards in Texas and other national film festivals. His third short in the Cinematic Arts program, Bodily Injury, won Best University Film at the 2020 Reel East Texas Film Festival, as well as Best Drama Film in the 2020 Austin Micro-Short Film Festival. His science- fiction comedy short, Nemeku Lights, received nine nominations in the 2021 Prison City Film Festival, including Best National Short, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. His feature film, Blindfold, was most recently a finalist for Best Student Feature in the 2021 Student World Awards Film Festival out of Santa Monica.


With his two thesis shorts, Dissociation and Jackalby, Travis has mined his own life experiences to tell two very different, yet introspective stories dealing with all-too- familiar themes of loss, grief, mental health, and personal growth. One a bone-chilling horror film steeped in camp and color, and the other a gripping personal drama, both films embody Patten’s eclectic love of story and genre.

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